What is the new Caregiver Program announced in June 2019?

All Employers who want to hire an overseas in-home caregiver must hire them through these 2 pilot programs.

New Caregiver Program

If a temporary foreign worker (TFW) is in Canada, they must submit the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application along with all the required supporting documentation to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Canada. In essence, employers are applying for an opinion on the impact that hiring a TFW would have on Canada's job market. Employers are required to advertise the position to ensure Canadians have first access to available jobs.

1.) Language levels: You need to prove you met the minimum language skills IELTS - 5 in all language skills 2.) Education: You must have a completed post-secondary education credential of at least 1 year in Canada. If you don't have a Canadian education, you need to get your foreign Education Credential assessed to show that is equal to a completed Canadian post-secondary education. 3.) You have  a genuine and valid job offer 4.) You must be able to do the job 5.) You must be admissible to Canada 6.) You plan to live outside the province of Quebec as a permanent resident  

A caregiver/temporary foreign worker, who is already in Canada, will still require a new LMIA  when changing employers. The caregiver  must additionally submit a work permit renewal application before her work permit expires. If you're employing a caregiver you must also file a new LMIA in order for your caregiver to renew her work permit.

We offer:

Assessment of the Caregiver to be eligible under the new caregiver program

Assistance for a caregiver to complete their Education Credential Assessment

Work permit and PR application once a caregiver has obtained a job offer

We are also available to handle the processing of the work permit and visas for the caregiver inside Canada. We also handle all types of immigration service for different streams including PR applications for caregivers.