Our Regulated Immigration Consultants are
specialists in the Foreign In-Home Caregiver Program

Our Immigration Consultants are dedicated to advising people wanting to move to Canada to live and work on all aspects of Canadian Immigration

Don't want to tackle this process by yourself?

We can mitigate long delays and costly mistakes!

We can ensure that your caregiver’s application is presented effectively and maximize your chances of success.
Apex Immigration Canada is ready to help your caregiver secure her/his Canadian Work Permit, PR application and any other required visas.
We will work quickly and efficiently to assist you in securing a work permit.

APEX IMMIGRATION CANADA Ltd. specializes in Canada’s Caregiver Program.

The new Caregiver program can be complex and detailed

Only caregivers who are eligible may be able to apply for the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilot.

Let us help you with a detailed assessment.

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Important Considerations:

Processing time can take up to 12 months for the caregiver to get their work permit.

While Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides substantial information for individuals, there is a risk of refusal on the basis of legal technicalities.

Apex Immigration Canada specialized in the foreign Caregiver program.

When retaining a Regulated Immigration Consultant, if problems develop, we can deal with them on your behalf.
Regulated Immigration Consultants are authorized to represent your best interests with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.